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Full text of "Constitution and by-laws : Woman's Missionary Union of Albemarle Presbytery, North Carolina"

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Woman's Missionary 


Albemarle Presbytery 

North Carolina 

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Article 1. 

This Society shall be called the Woman's Missionary 
Union of Albemarle Presbytery. 

Article 2. 

The object of the Union shall be to stimiulate, systematize, 
and unite the efforts made for missions by the women of this 

Article 3. 

It is the earnest wish and purpose of the organization to 
unite all women of the congregations of this Presbytery in 
missionary work. Co-operation according to this constitution 
shall therefore constitute membership. 

Article 4. 

The Union shall be under the care and direction of Albe- 
marle Presbytery, to which it shall make an annual report, 
and it shall carry on its work through regularly constituted 
Presbyterial channels. 

Article 5. 

The officers of the Union shall be a President, two Vice- 
Presidents, a Recording Secretary, a Corresponding Secre- 
tary, a Vice-President for each county, and a manager for the 
children's societies. They shall be chosen by a rising vote, 
and shall serve one year, or until successors are elected. 

Article 6. 

The Executive Committee shall consist of the officers of 
the Presbyterial Union. 

Article 7. 

The Executive Committee shall meet once a year, or 
oftener, at the call of the President. Three shall constitute 
a quorum. 

Constitution and By-Laws. 


Article 8. 

The Union shall meet annually, at some place and time 
chosen at the last meeting, when reports shall be rendered, 
officers elected, and plans for future work considered. Each 
local Society shall be requested to send one delegate to this 

Article 9. 

The Executive Committee shall have power to call special 
meetings, have charge of the printing, and fill vacancies 
among the officers. The minutes of the actions of this com- 
mittee shall be presented at each annual meeting. 

Article 10. 

The counsel and co-operation of the pastors and elders of 
the churches shall be sought when circumstances require. 

Article 11. 

It shall be the endeavor of every local society to diffuse 
missionary intelligence, to excite greater interest among 
women and children, to awaken and increase the spirit of 
individual consecration, and by all appropriate means to 
carry out the parting command of our Saviour, "Go ye into 
all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature." We 
recognize this command as equally binding upon us who tarry 
at home as upon those who consecrate their lives to the Mas- 
ter's service in the foreign field. 

Article 12. 

This Constitution nxay be altered at any regular meeting 
by a vote of tWo-thirds of the members present, subject to the 
approval of Albemarle Presbytery, notice of the intention to 
propose an alteration having been previously given. 


Section 1. Every meeting of the Presbyterial and Aux- 
iliary Societies shall be opened with devotional exercises. 


Woman's Missionary Union. 

Sec' 2. The President shall preside at meetings, shall 
have a general oversight of the work, and as far as possible, 
visit or correspond with each society. 

Sec. 3. The Vice-Presidents shall supervise the work in 
such districts as may be assigned them, and act in the ab- 
sence of the President. In the absence of a Vice-President, 
any member of the society may be called to the chair. 

Sec. 4. The Corresponding Secretary shall receive all 
money sent by the several societies for printing and other 
incidental expenses, of which money she shall render an 
account at the annual meeting of the Union. She shall keep 
a roll of the societies constituting the Presbyterial Union, 
shall make an accurate record of each meeting of the Union, 
read the minutes of the preceding meeting, issue all notices, 
and prepare an annual report to be forwarded to Albemarle 

Sec. 5. Since there are many expenses incident to the 
work, to meet which there must be a contingent fund, it is 
expected that each local society will contribute ten cents a 
year for each member. 

Sec. 6. Each society shall appoint a committee, whose care 
it shall be to collect and distribute missionary intelligence, 
and such literature as will further intelligent interest in this 
great cause.